Why Overlanding the Americas?

The reasons: one sentimental and one practical. The sentimental one is because JP is a passionate Brazilian who dreamed about getting to know the South America overland. Him and his cousins wanted to explore the 'open veins' of Latin America together when younger. Time has passed and practical life commitments took over for each one of them, so the cousins trip never happened. JP never forgot about the trip and considering that we both know more countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia than in the Americas the decision seemed logical.

The practical relates to our little experience in overlanding expeditions: we wanted to be sure we could manage the red tape requirements of the trip comfortably. Despite being the longest road in the world from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Ushuaia in Argentina, both customs and immigration requirements of the Panamerican Highway are straight forward. There are no major issues with customs or immigration. No carnet de passage needed and very few visa requirements for Romanians and Brazilians. The only Visa that demands some time is the US Visa. In addition, we both speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. So we found no other major difficulties for this road trip.