Exit Glacier, Alaska
We are taking a sabbatical to explore the Americas overland with our expedition truck.

We started in Romania, crossed Europe to Belgium where we shipped the truck to Halifax, Canada. From there we headed west towards Alaska, reaching Prudhoe Bay and the Arctic Ocean. Now we are driving south towards Terra del Fuego, at the tip of South America.

The trip has been an eye opener so far, with a lot of good, but also challenging situations. It’s easier than you think and more rewarding than you expect. We learned to embrace life on the road, to live with less, to enjoy simple things, the nature and the people we meet. Above all we are learning more about ourselves and about each other, developing as a couple and better human beings.

Here you will find more about the expedition, why we chose to overland this route and what we experience on the road.

We hope you enjoy!


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From Nova Scotia to Yukon, Canada has it all. Check out the stories!



The land of grizzly bears, salmon, glaciers and of the man into the wild. Explore!

United States

United States

The National Parks in USA are a must go. Outstanding!


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How it happened

Oaxaca Region

Leaving Mexico City behind we continued our journey towards Oaxaca! We were so excited to discover further the interior of Mexico and its fascinating indigenous culture and heritage. Pre-Colombian populations such as the Zapotecs and Mixtecos survived even after the arrival of the Spaniards due to the rugged and isolated terrain of Oaxaca, many managing…

Mexico City

Mexico City exceeded our expectations with its pre-Columbian heritage, pyramids, temples, numerous museums, local art and its authentic and delicious culinary scene! Aztec Warriors Whilst we were initially skeptical, anticipating many challenges transiting through the huge capital, we were impressed with its infrastructure, the overall feeling of safety and the kindness of the mexiqueños. For…

Baja California, Mexico

Since we started planning our expedition we thought Mexico would be the apex of our adventure. It was our first time in the country and we were so curious to discover all it has to offer, from the white sand beaches and snorkeling with manta rays and whale sharks, to learning about the Mayas and…

San Diego

San Diego was our last destination in USA and the gate to the next adventure: Mexico. We were melancholic about finishing our USA expedition after two months exploring gorgeous national parks and meeting so many wonderful and inspiring people; however, we were also excited to reach Mexico! We looked forward to its unique culture, exotic…

Los Angeles

It would be our first time in L.A and the expectations for the world capital of entertainment were high. We were very interested to experience the city, to visit production studios, to understand how movies are made and hopefully to spot one or two famous actors too. Besides checking out the city lifestyle I was…

Big Sur, Santa Barbara & Ventura

California coast spoiled us not only with amazing coastline views and epic camping spots overlooking the Pacific Ocean, relaxing drives and picturesque beach towns, but as well with insights into the Californian lifestyle. We were excited to visit our newly made friends in Yosemite, Evan and Chelsie in Santa Barbara and Chris, the amazing cyclist…