Exit Glacier, Alaska
We are taking a sabbatical to explore the Americas overland with our expedition truck.

We started in Romania, crossed Europe to Belgium where we shipped the truck to Halifax, Canada. From there we headed west towards Alaska, reaching Prudhoe Bay and the Arctic Ocean. Now we are driving south towards Terra del Fuego, at the tip of South America.

The trip has been an eye opener so far, with a lot of good, but also challenging situations. It’s easier than you think and more rewarding than you expect. We learned to embrace life on the road, to live with less, to enjoy simple things, the nature and the people we meet. Above all we are learning more about ourselves and about each other, developing as a couple and better human beings.

Here you will find more about the expedition, why we chose to overland this route and what we experience on the road.

We hope you enjoy!


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The land of grizzly bears, salmon, glaciers and of the man into the wild. Explore!

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United States

The National Parks in USA are a must go. Outstanding!


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How it happened

From Quito to Cuenca, Ecuador

Located in a high-altitude valley next to Pichincha volcano, Quito is a capital of true dramatic beauty. The metropolis impressed us with its uniquely scenic views and largely preserved old town. My return to Quito for a second time gave me the chance to explore it from a different perspective, to see it with the…

Latitude Zero, Ecuador

When I first visited Ecuador in 2013 I was completely charmed and promised myself I would return one day. It was exciting to be back and rediscover it from a different perspective. Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, a small touristic village next to Quito that marks the Equator,  the invisible line that divides the earth in…

The coffee region, Colombia

The more we explored Colombia the more amazed we were with its beauty and variety. Lovely panoramas of coffee plantations and tropical mountain landscapes were unfolding south of Medellin. We received a great recommendation to camp at a coffee farm called Finca Guyabal next to Manizales where they offered a fantastic coffee seminar and tour.…

Medellin, Colombia

Changing the Caribbean heat scene for the pleasant green valleys of the Andes mountains was a spectacular transition for us. Medellin impressed with its surrounding nature and the breathtaking views from El Peñón de Guatapé granitic rock. We loved the vibrant atmosphere of the city and the voluptuous sculptures of Fernando Botero. But more than…

Santa Marta, Colombia

We left Cartagena behind to wait for the truck’s arrival in the port of Santa Marta. We were attracted by the city’s reputation of a laid-back bohemian atmosphere and were hoping to get some relaxing times around Tayrona National Park and the Caribbean Sea. When we got there we quickly realized that moving around at…

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena! The beginning of our journey in South America! We had arrived at the airport after a quick one-hour flight from Panama City. By that time Brutus was already cruising the Caribbean waters on his 3 weeks solo journey on a RoRo vessel to Colombia. We were happy to embark on a backpacking journey to…