Taking a Sabbatical

We decided to take a break in our careers to get to know more about this amazing world we live in by exploring it overland. Why did we decide for an overland expedition? Whilst JP would love to sail around the world he is yet to learn how to sail 🙂 jokes aside, we love road trips. Why now? There are a couple of reasons: firstly, because we were approaching complete exhaustion at work and needed a long break. It was even affecting our relationship. Secondly, because we can do it now. Whilst 'can do' is subjective, we see from the perspective that our relatives are currently in good health, and that we do not have major financial commitments.

Athabasca Glacier 4

For those thinking of the troubles of interrupting their careers when they could  be earning a good income and climbing up the professional latter; well, no one can say it is an easy choice, but we believe it's worth it.

Besides, with the advances in the fields of communication and transportation one can have information and plan for a career break traveling with great mobility whilst being connected to the loved ones or even to work, if you decide to. Today there are several professional tools to help those taking a sabbatical to return to market place. We believe that one can only grow and develop in expanding its horizons. This will play a positive role when going back to work. One thing for sure, there will never be a 'right time' to take a sabbatical.

Dawson from the Top

It is not an easy decision. It will surely have financial, professional and personal implications. One should evaluate the pros and cons; but we are of the opinion that if you find yourself dreaming about taking a sabbatical or getting on the road perhaps you should consider it more seriously. When you feel ready get out there and keep on exploring! Will be nice to see you on the road.