Taking a Sabbatical

Resigning from our positions to take a sabbatical was not an easy decision. By then we were engaged in the development of our careers and were used to a comfortable lifestyle. It was hard to even think about letting it go. We worked so hard to get there, but we were also consuming ourselves and our relationship was suffering. We needed a break. We needed to reconnect and to live the present.

The hardest part was to take the step forward and communicate it to our employers. It was tough, but we felt light once we did it. We felt encouraged when our bosses and colleagues admired our courage and respected our decision.   

For those overthinking about the troubles of interrupting careers or stopping earning good money for a while; well, whilst we are not here to say it is an easy choice, in our case it was worth it. It gave us the chance to step out of a hectic routine and busy lifestyle, and to connect to our inner selves, with the nature and to different kind of people and cultures. A whole new fascinating world opened up. Some of the things we have experienced would not present themselves to us in short, busy holidays. 

It is possible to plan for a carrier break and still be connected to your loved ones and to your business network. Today there are several social and professional platforms that help one in doing that. It is possible to take a sabbatical returning to your previous life and career once you decide it is the right time. We believe that one can only grow when expanding its horizons. The experience will play a positive role when going back to work or if you are deciding to open your own business, you will come out full of ideas.

After finishing our sabbatical, JP returned to the market and in a few months received a new job assignment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which was an interesting development to his career, and our lives for that matter. Ioana was expecting our first baby boy, and Luca was delivered in Romania three months after closing our adventure. We sold our dear Brutus to a German couple, and life started back to a new “normal”.

Hatcher Pass, Alaska
Hatcher Pass, Alaska

There will never be a “right time” to take a gap year. It is a decision that has financial, professional, and personal implications. Evaluate the pros and the cons, and if you find yourself often dreaming about it, you should probably do it. When you feel ready, take up on your dreams, get out there and “keep on exploring” your life to the fullest.